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What is the Debut New Poets Series?


This is a brand new series of debut full-length poetry-book collections from up-and-coming new poets, published by Nine Arches Press.


We think these new collections represent some of the best new voices out there in the contemporary poetry landscape, and we hope you'll agree.




Why is Nine Arches Press publishing this series?


We've had a lot of experience working with talented and promising new poets in our pamphlet series and in Under the Radar magazine. It seemed like it was now time for us to be encouraging and supporting this talent at the next level, in full poetry collections. We'll be using our editorial expertise to nurture new voices and make sure they get the platform and the audience they deserve.


We believe a healthy poetry ecosystem depends on publishers taking an active role in helping new and emerging poets by supporting their development, bringing them to new audiences and encouraging them to be ambitious. First collections are a vital milestone in a poet's progress, and we want to use our reputation for high-quality publications to put some weight behind this and help new poets to thrive.




What can we expect to see published?


We will be publishing the series from late 2011, throughout 2012 and beyond.


Debut Poets and collections so far published and confirmed for publication:




Phil Brown - Il Avilit


 More details about this title here >









Alistair Noon - Earth Records  


 More details about this title here >







Daniel Sluman - Absence has a weight of its own 


 More details about this title here >


Maria Taylor - Melanchrini


 More details about this title here >









Andrew Frolish - Retellings


     - Details forthcoming soon




Are you looking for submissions for this series?




In the first instance, we encourage you to submit to Under the Radar magazine. Though this isn't essential, it is advisable.


Please send a thirty-poem sample from your collection for us to consider.


We advise you should already have some form of a 'track record' of publication of your poetry if you are looking to submit your collection to the Debut series - i.e. within magazines, journals, (online or print) or in poetry pamphlets.


The rest of our submission guidelines are here >


Please note we are only looking for full-length poetry collections. No pamphlet submissions please.








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