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Launch Date: 7th October 2012

ISBN: 978-0957384705 

Price: £7.99


Tim Love's By All Means is a collection of short stories that find people in transit; between places, relationships, states of mind and different lives. Sometimes these are stories of moving on, leaving the past and the characters populating a point in personal history lingering in memory's rear-view mirror. At other times, these stories ruminate on lives only half-full and half-lived, where the characters are stuck forever in either first gear, or worse - in reverse, terminally pondering but never quite settling on a direction of travel.

These are gently tragi-comic stories laden with subtle, beautifully-observed everyday miracles and mistakes. Tim Love has an exacting ear for the voice of characters; he captures their travails and their unwitting shedding of truths and half-truths in irresistible style and in concise detail.


‘Tim Love wields words with the precision of a surgeon, or a sculptor. These stories are clever, poignant and memorable - but above all they are hugely generous’.  Vanessa Gebbie


Taking the short story for a ride on the wild side...



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Tim Love lives in Cambridge, England, having lived in Portsmouth, Norwich, Bristol, Oxford, Nottingham and Liverpool. He works as a computer programmer and teacher, and is married with two bilingual (Italian) children. His prose has appeared in Panurge, Dream Catcher, Journal of Microliterature, etc., and has won prizes run by short Fiction and Varsity. His poetry pamphlet Moving Parts was published by HappenStance in 2010. He blogs at

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