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Roz Goddard’s The Sopranos Sonnets & Other Poems is acutely observed, streetwise and bittersweet. At its heart are ten sonnet-portraits inspired by the television series about a dysfunctional mafia boss and his family. Among the cast of characters is Gloria, the hauntingly-seductive mistress with a built-in self-destruct button, and Leotardo, ready to murder at the drop of a letter…


These poems bristle with unexpected twists; they delve into the dark cauldron of human experience; by turns they are serious and comic, compassionate and pin-sharp. Roz Goddard's collection will entertain and provoke; it moves seamlessly through different perspectives, always putting the reader at the heart of the action.


There is also a strictly limited-edition run of 100 signed copies of this title, with gold litho-printed covers (priced at £7.00). 


Launch date: 11th July 2010

Price: £5.00/£7.00

ISBN: 978-0-9565514-0-5

Praise for The Sopranos Sonnets & Other Poems:


“The doors between fact and fiction, dream and waking, different orders of reality, are left slyly and unsettlingly ajar in this collection which can slip straight from tender poems for relatives to an edgy intimacy with the TV mobsters of The Sopranos, a relationship as real as the ancient Greeks must have had with the dysfunctional family scenes on Mount Olympus.” – Philip Gross.

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Read an extract from this pamphlet here.


Roz Goddard’s fourth poetry collection is The Sopranos Sonnets & Other Poems. She is a former poet-laureate for Birmingham, her work is permanently displayed in BMAG’s newest gallery. Her poetry has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and 4. She runs writing workshops and courses, including for the Arvon Foundation and mentors individual writers. She is currently studying for an MPhil in writing at Glamorgan University. More details of her work can be found on her website:


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