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Deborah Tyler-Bennett




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Launched: 9th July 2011

Price: £5.00

ISBN: 978-0-9565514-9-8  


Deborah Tyler-Bennett draws together three memorable and inimitable portraits of notable (if not always noted) lives in Mytton… Dyer… Sweet Billy Gibson…. The resulting poems, bristling with Tyler-Bennett’s subtle and laconic style, go beyond renderings of lives past, anecdotes told, and look instead to explore the gaps in the biographies, the real people behind the characters.



Praise for Mytton... Dyer... Sweet Billy Gibson...

“With an eye out for the singular, the wayward, the eccentric and, at times, the downright mad, Deborah Tyler-Bennett’s poetry portraits channel three very different lives and histories, whilst seeking out the faint echoes of these lives in the present. From the bear-riding Mango ‘Mad Jack’ Mytton’s attempts to cure hiccups by means of self-immolation, to balladeer Jimmy Dyer’s lonely wanderings with his fiddle, to poignant glimpses of her great grandfather Billy Gibson’s old age, these are poems that get to the essential solitude of human existence as they trace the lines of their subjects’ strange passions.”


– Will Buckingham


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Deborah Tyler-Bennett’s current collection is Pavilion (Smokestack, 2010), set in Brighton, her first was Clark Gable in Mansfield (King’s England, 2003), selected poems are in Take Five (Shoestring, 2003), and a new collection, Revudeville, is forthcoming (King’s England, 2011).  First poems from Anglo-Punk (sonnet sequences on Regency dandy Beau Brummell) have been published. A chapbook collection of three portraits in poems, Mytton, Dyer, Sweet Billy Gibson, is forthcoming (Nine Arches Press, 2011).  Many of her poems are influenced by vintage fashion which she collects and wears.


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