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Cover photograph: Eleanor Bennett



Maps and Legends: Poems to Find Your Way By


Edited by Jo Bell











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Take a poetry-pathway less travelled and enjoy this navigation through a selection of poems from a variety of new and established voices from the contemporary poetry landscape. Travel through the poems’ lyrical scenery, exploring the human, animal and mythical, witnessing everyday magic and vanishing acts along the way; find poems as maps designed to get you lost and discover legends resurfacing in the present day city streets.

This anthology celebrates five years of independent publishing by Nine Arches Press, and features a selection of poetry that they have published and put on the map during this time. This is poetry from the leading edge, plotting points from urban backwaters to legends and landmarks, and way beyond; out into the poem’s wild imagined spaces, shadow places that can’t be found on the official maps or surveys, firmly off the beaten track. 


"Here is a press that genuinely revels in publishing new and exciting poetry; when I read a Nine Arches Press book I know that my mind will be a bit bigger once I've finished it. And my smile will be wider. Let the revels begin!" - Ian McMillan


Publication date: 11th December 2013


ISBN: 978-0-9573847-5-0


Price: £11.99


Featuring poets:

Phil Brown, Peter Carpenter, Tom Chivers, Myra Connell, Claire Crowther, Angela France, Roz Goddard, David Hart, Luke Kennard, Ruth Larbey, Chris McCabe, Matt Merritt, David Morley, Alistair Noon, Matt Nunn, Mario Petrucci, Jeremy Reed, Daniel Sluman, Maria Taylor, Simon Turner, Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Tony Williams.






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About the Editor:




Jo Bell is a former Glastonbury Poet in Residence and director of National Poetry Day - a post she recently left to become the UK's Canal Laureate. A boat-dweller and former archaeologist, she has been published in journals from Magma and Popshot to the Frogmore Papers, and appeared at festivals from Shambala to Cheltenham Literature Festival. Her current projects include Wordsmiths and Co, a poetry talk show at Warwick Arts Centre, and her most recent collection is Navigation.