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Angela France









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Launched: 9th July 2011

Price: £5.00

ISBN: 978-0-9565514-8-1  



Between the lines of Angela France’s poems an ardent force is at work. Lessons in Mallemaroking rewards our curiosity, capturing the reality and truth at large of a nonchalant world that has been perfectly observed just when it thinks no-one else is looking. France urges us to Look inside. Learn to wait, to feel the weight of loss, of hidden lives, of the darkness and hope gathering at the future’s edge.



Praise for Angela France's Lessons in Mallemaroking:


"Angela France conjures a world of absences and menace with precise and elegant language. Things have begun to fall apart; the creatures are already wise to it. Dogs whimper at night and the horses are watchful of changing weather, they creak light from their joints/as they stamp, swish tails. Buddleia is sprouting through the concrete of driveways and petrol stations. We watch the river, the barrier,/the water rising. These excellent poems come as a warning."

– Martin Figura


"Here are poems that inhabit fully the physical world and explore the ever-shifting boundary between the physical and the metaphysical. Angela France has the craft to sustain her compelling and varied subject matter, and she uses language with controlled intensity, lyric energy, and an unerring sense of how to balance a poem. She is a poet not content with anecdote, but one who engages with the tough uneasy realities of experience."

– Penelope Shuttle


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Angela France has had poems published in many of the leading journals, in the UK and abroad, and has been anthologised a number of times. She has an     MA in ‘Creative and Critical Writing’ from 

the University of Gloucestershire and is studying for a PhD. Her second collection, Occupation is available from Ragged Raven Press. Angela is features editor of Iota and an editor of ezine The Shit Creek Review. She also runs a monthly poetry café in Cheltenham, ‘Buzzwords’ 


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